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The Best Gluten-Free Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

Sweets are at the heart of Valentine’s Day. But for those of us on a medically necessary gluten-free diet, our breakup with gluten does not take a holiday.

Thankfully, there are wonderful gluten-free gifts that will delight your sweetheart this Valentine’s Day.

Whether you are looking for the perfect gift for a Valentine, friend, coworker, or family member, every suggestion on this list is a gift I personally recommend for individuals with celiac disease or gluten intolerance.

In fact, I shamelessly asked my husband to proofread this post. (hint, hint)

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See’s Candies

the storefront of a See's Candies store

See’s Candies is the clear winner when it comes to gluten-free chocolate. It is my go-to for every holiday that deserves special chocolates… from chocolate coins to Santas and Easter bunnies. And, of course, Valentine’s Day.

For Valentine’s Day, See’s Candies sells traditional and heart-shaped boxes of quality chocolate, as well as other Valentine’s sweets, like bags of heart-shaped chocolates, sour heart gummies, cinnamon lollipops, and red licorice medallions… all gluten-free! 

a Valentine's display at See's Candies, include red heart boxes of chocolates

Everything made in the See’s Candies factory is gluten-free! Please note See’s disclosure regarding a few items that are made in other factories and may be cross-contaminated:

Candies produced in See’s Candies facilities do not contain gluten, and these products are the vast majority of those we sell. We sell a small amount of specialty candies that we purchase from other partner confectioners. Although these don’t contain gluten, they are manufactured in shared facilities or in shared equipment with gluten-containing products. These products are candy canes, peanut butter bites, lemon drops, apple pie bites, Hanukkah hard candy, hot cocoa, chocolate-covered coffee beans sold in our retail shops and online at

See’s Candies can be purchased in-store or ordered online. Either way, I recommend buying seasonal treats early, as some items historically sell out.

Homemade Chocolate Covered Strawberries

milk chocolate and pink chocolate-covered strawberries in a pink box, fairy lights

Chocolate-covered strawberries in a heart-shaped box, made with love… what could be sweeter? My easy recipe for Valentine’s Day chocolate strawberries is made with gluten-free Nestle chocolate morsels that you simply melt in your microwave.

Your kindergarten paint-mixing skills come into play here. A little red food coloring mixed into melted white chocolate gives you the perfect pink chocolate.

Check out the recipe!

Gluten-Free Valentine’s Day Gift Basket: Baking Theme

Put together a thoughtful baking gift basket for your gluten-free Valentine.

This is an especially meaningful gift for someone who has been recently diagnosed with celiac disease. A Valentine’s care package with baking supplies is also the perfect gift for a gluten-free young adult just starting out.

Include any combination of the following:

For more gluten-free candy idea to include in your Valentine’s Day Gift Basket, get my free printable:

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    Gluten-Free, Romantic Dinner Out

    Getting sick from a gluten-exposure is not a romantic way to spend Valentine’s Day. Show you care by selecting a restaurant that’s safe for your gluten-free Valentine.

    Screen shot of Find Me Gluten Free App, aqua background

    The most comprehensive source of gluten-free dining information is currently found in the Find Me Gluten Free app. Search for restaurants near you, and read helpful reviews from other gluten-free guests.

    The free version has tons of information, including the option to search for only “dedicated gluten-free restaurants”.

    The premium version’s best feature is being able to search by “most celiac safe” (based on reviews from people who have eaten there). Use the code GOGLUTENFREELY for $5 off the premium version of Find Me Gluten-Free.

    You can also gift this membership to your sweetheart. An app may not sound like a romantic Valentine’s gift. As a celiac myself, I assure you it is!

    Chocolate Lover’s Gift Set (from a dedicated gluten-free bakery)

    gluten-free pain au chocolat on a white plate... surrounded by chocolate cookies and brownies on a white counter

    Your Valentine will love these sweet treats from the Mariposa Baking Co, a dedicated gluten-free bakery with shops in Oakland and San Francisco.

    Mariposa ships within the United States and allows you to include a gift note of up to 300 characters when placing your online order.

    The Chocolate Lover’s Gift Set includes gluten-free chocolate cookies, chocolate brownies, and pain au chocolat. Mariposa has perfected the gluten-free croissant and, by extension, the gluten-free pain au chocolat. This gift set will absolutely be a hit!

    Other Valentine’s Day hits from Mariposa include Valentine’s Butter Cookies, heart-stamped Shortbread, and flower-shaped Viennese Tea Cookies or Solano Cookies.  

    gluten-free heart shaped butter cookies with pink and red sprinkles, scattered on a white wooden table and bamboo cutting board

    I highly recommend signing up for Mariposa’s newsletter, to take advantage of frequent special offers.

    Valentine’s Day Picnic

    Date idea! Fill this heart-shaped picnic basket and enjoy a picnic together:

    If the weather is not cooperating, have the picnic in your living room!

    Heart-Shaped Box of Treats

    Square white box with heart shaped box inside. Plastic top lying flat partially under the box.

    I love this heart shaped-box! (It also comes in the shape of any number or letter, so you can celebrate birthdays, anniversaries, or your gluten-free friend for any reason at all.)

    Fill the heart with flowers, store-bought or homemade, delicious gluten-free treats.

    Here are some great options:

    More gluten-free Valentine’s Day ideas:

    I’d love to hear what your Valentine thinks of your thoughtful gift or if you have a great idea you’d like to share with Go Gluten Freely readers. Please reach out and let me know.

    Happy Valentine’s Day!

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