Go Gluten Freely exists to assist those navigating celiac disease and non-celiac gluten sensitivity, in the same way others have helped us on our gluten-free journey. We personally understand the importance of accurate information and are committed to giving our honest opinion about products, services, and experiences featured on our site.

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Gluten-Free Disclosure

We are dedicated to sharing safe and responsible content regarding living gluten-free. Like you, we are consumers of gluten-free products and services. However, we are not medical professionals nor dietitians; and we are not providing medical advice.

Please also note that products and services can change over time. Our recommendations on Go Gluten Freely are based on our personal experiences and recommendations at a moment in time. Always, read labels to confirm that a product is still safe. And always, ask to speak to a chef or manager at food service venues to gauge the safety of current protocols at any establishment.


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