Welcome to Go Gluten Freely, where you will learn how to eat, travel and celebrate — all gluten-free!

all smiling with arms around each other, Heather in a green t-dress, CJ in a white with blue stripes tee, Miss E in a cream and brown romper, and Dave in a blue t, with the Santorini caldera (volcanic island and water) and sunset in the background

Hi, I’m Heather, and I live in Southern California with Miss E and my two gluten-eating guys: Dave and CJ. In 2014, Miss E was diagnosed with celiac disease, and my celiac diagnosis followed a few months later.

Our gluten-free journey started with a steep learning curve but quickly became our new normal. My own experience with celiac disease led me to become a speaker and advocate for others with celiac disease. Here at Go Gluten Freely, I write about how we live “gluten-freely”, from gluten-free travel to fun with friends and family. With an MBA and marketing background, I am tying together several of my passions in writing Go Gluten Freely: travel, food, community, marketing, and mothering.

As a military brat, I grew up with a bit of wanderlust and have never stopped loving travel. Celiac disease adds an extra layer of prep and planning to our journeys, but it has not slowed down our adventuring!

If you are new to your own celiac or gluten-free journey, I PROMISE you, it gets better. You will find your rhythm of meal prep and socializing. You will discover your new, favorite gluten-free treats. You will figure out that just about any meal you love can be made gluten-free. You will not spend forever crying in grocery store aisles reading labels. Don’t get me wrong… you will forever read labels, but with experience and confidence.

This is our gluten-free adventure, shared with the hope that it will be a valuable resource for you as you Go Gluten Freely!