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Gluten-Free Deals: Current Promotions from Gluten-Free Brands & Retailers

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Sam’s Club

$50 Off Club Membership (expires 8/1/23)

Yum Earth

Yum Earth is an organic candy brand free of the top nine allergens and gluten. That makes it especially wonderful for kiddos (the big kind, too) with multiple allergies or school events.

They have a regular line of candies, but also historically bring in seasonal treats, like bunny-shaped fruit snacks and gingergerbread house kits.

Get $10 off your first order from Yum Earth.

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$5 Off the Premium Find Me Gluten Free App

The Find Me Gluten-Free App is full of free, crowd-sourced reviews of restaurants and their gluten-free offerings. It’s a great way to find dedicated gluten-free restaurants and find out which restaurants have good gluten-free food and safety protocols.

There is a premium version of the app that includes the ability to search restaurants rated as most celiac safe and safe restaurants (useful for traveling).

Use the code GOGLUTENFREELY for $5 off the premium version. You must sign up directly on the Find Me Gluten-Free website to apply the discount. Once you signup on the website, you’ll get full premium access via the app… plus, no ads.

Shop King Arthur Baking for all your Gluten Free baking needs!

*Not all King Arthur products are gluten-free. Make sure you select only gluten-free products to fill your cart!

Buy 5 Mixes and Save

Bread SRSLY Gluten-Free Sourdough

15% Off Your First Order of Bread SRSLY

Bread SRSLY makes fabulous gluten-free sourdough loaves and rolls. Use the code GlutenFreely for 15% off your first order.

Save on Your Favorite Gluten-Free Brands

Be sure to sign up with your favorite gluten-free restaurants and brands, like Canyon Bakehouse, to get newsletters with coupons and discount codes right in your inbox. And follow them on social media!

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