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Gluten-Free Disneyland: Quick Service Dining (2024)

The other day, my friend texted me for advice on what to eat on a last-minute trip to Disneyland.

I sent her some quick ideas from my many Disneyland visits (my husband and I estimate about 100) but realized I needed to create this roundup of quick-service restaurants for YOUR next visit to Disneyland.

This post is focused on quick-service options in the Disneyland Park in California. For quick service, think of fast food options with no reservation needed. Table service dining (with waiters and menus) and California Adventure quick service are addressed in separate articles.

Before we get into the good stuff, let’s cover Disney’s allergy basics.

Disney’s Allergy Protocols

Disney uses the language “gluten/wheat allergy friendly” to include any dietary requests that include wheat allergies, celiac disease, gluten intolerance, or any other diet restricting wheat or gluten.

Because everything is produced in a shared environment, Disney has an Allergy Disclaimer and does not claim its restaurant options are gluten-free. Still, it does take reasonable steps to prevent cross-contact. It is hailed in the allergy community as the gold standard for serving guests with food allergies.

If cross-contact is an issue, speak to a chef or Special Diets Cast Member when placing your order. Plus, chef consults sometimes open up more variety, as the chef will know which dishes can be modified to be made gluten-free.

If you order from the gluten/wheat allergy-friendly menu on the mobile app (more on that in a minute), confirm your food is gluten-free when you pick it up from the Special Diets Cast Member.

Wrapped burger with a wooden allergy pick.
Look for the allergy pick when you pick up your gluten-free meal!

When your food is served, look for an allergy pick. If it’s missing, ask questions and confirm that you were correctly given a gluten-free meal. We learned this the hard way… the only time my daughter was glutened at Disneyland.

Go Gluten Freely Disclaimer: The information in this article is accurate at the time of writing. Please note that offerings can change at any time. The most accurate source of current information is a Disney Special Diets Cast Member at the restaurant. Please feel comfortable asking questions. Excellent guest service is the Disney way!

Gluten-Free Mobile Order Options by Land

Mobile order has been a game-changer for gluten-free dining at Disneyland. You can order food off the gluten allergy menu and food for the rest of your party from the regular menu… all in one mobile order. Pick up everything together. My allergy order has always been on a separate tray. It feels so normal!

I always confirm at pick-up that my food is gluten-free and look for the allergy pick, but those are the only extra steps.

Go Gluten Freely Tip! Use the Disneyland App to mobile order from the “gluten/wheat allergy-friendly menu”. It is the easiest, hassle-free way to order gluten-free food throughout Disneyland. You don’t have to wait to get the app… download it now to see all of the mobile order allergy options before your trip. Learn more about gluten-free mobile ordering in my top tips for gluten-free Disney.

You are never far from gluten-free food in Disneyland! Here are mobile order options throughout the park, organized by land:


  • Tiki Juice Bar Note, this location does not have an allergy menu, but everything here is gluten-free. You can request to see a binder with current ingredients.
    • Dole Whip soft serve
    • Dole Whip float

Don’t worry that the only gluten-free food you can mobile order in Adventureland is dessert! You are a short walk from Main Street and New Orleans Square.

Critter Country

Wrapped burger with a wooden allergy pick, mandarin orange and fries.
  • Harbour Galley
    • Gluten/Wheat Allergy Friendly fresh fruit
    • Gluten/Wheat Allergy Friendly kids’ POWER pack (mandarin orange, yogurt smoothie, and vegetables)
  • Hungry Bear Restaurant
    • Gluten/Wheat Allergy Friendly cheeseburger with mandarin oranges or french fries
    • Gluten/Wheat Allergy Friendly BBQ chicken salad
    • Gluten/Wheat Allergy Friendly plant-based Impossible cheeseburger
    • Gluten/Wheat Allergy Friendly french fries
    • Gluten/Wheat Allergy Friendly kids’ POWER Pack: mandarin orange, yogurt smoothie, and vegetables
    • Gluten/Wheat Allergy Friendly kids’ hamburger
    • Outshine Strawberry fruit bar


Patio and sign for Red Rose Tavern.
  • Red Rose Tavern
    • Gluten/Wheat Allergy Friendly plant-based salade du jardin
    • Gluten/Wheat Allergy Friendly provincial cheeseburger served with mandarin oranges and Taverne potato bites (tater tots)
    • Gluten/Wheat Allergy Friendly kids’ POWER Pack: mandarin orange, yogurt smoothie, and carrots
    • Gluten/Wheat Allergy Friendly kids’ hamburger.
    • Breakfast Options: Gluten/Wheat Allergy Friendly Bonjour! Breakfast (scrambled eggs, mandarin orange, and bacon or sausage) and the plant-based Little Town Harvest Bowl (quinoa, mushrooms, cauliflower, arugula, tomato, tater tots, and lime aioli).

Main Street, U.S.A

  • Gibson Girl Ice Cream Parlor While this location does not have a Gluten/Wheat Allergy-friendly menu for mobile ordering, the following items are prepackaged, so they can still be ordered in the app. To order scooped ice cream or sundaes, place your order in person with a Special Diets Cast Member.
    • Nestle Mickey’s ice cream bar
    • Outshine strawberry fruit bar
  • Jolly Holiday Bakery Cafe
    • Gluten/Wheat Allergy Friendly turkey sandwich with chips or fruit
    • Gluten/Wheat Allergy Friendly toasted cheese sandwich (on a gluten-free bun) and tomato basil soup, available separately or as a combo (This combo was one of the top recommendations by Disney’s Chef Bill when my daughter and I made our first post-celiac-diagnosis trip to Disneyland about 10 years ago.)
    • Gluten/Wheat Allergy Friendly kids turkey sandwich.
    • Gluten/Wheat Allergy Friendly chocolate chip cookie
    • Gluten/Wheat Allergy Friendly blueberry muffin
    • Breakfast Options: Gluten/Wheat Allergy Friendly toasted cheese & soup combo, chocolate chip cookie, and blueberry muffin.
  • Refreshment Corner
    • Gluten/Wheat Allergy Friendly all-beef hot dog on a bun with mandarin orange or chips
    • Gluten/Wheat Allergy Friendly chili cheese dog basket with mandarin orange or chips
    • Gluten/Wheat Allergy Friendly hearty chili
    • Gluten/Wheat Allergy Friendly chocolate chip cookie
    • Gluten/Wheat Allergy Friendly blueberry muffin

Mickey’s Toontown

  • Cafe Daisy:
    • Gluten/Wheat Allergy Friendly pepperoni pizza flop-over
    • Gluten/Wheat Allergy Friendly cheesy pizza flop-over
    • Gluten/Wheat Allergy Friendly side chili cheese sauce

Go Gluten Freely Recommendation: The flop-over pizza is not to be missed! The first time a cast member hands you a gluten-free flop-over, you will question whether or not it’s gluten-free. The gluten-free version is even “puffier” than the gluten version.

Tips! I like to time my flop-over pizza mobile order for when I expect to be getting off Mickey’s Runaway Railway, which is right next door to Cafe Daisy. Look for the orange “special” sticker on the gluten-free flop-over pizzas.

New Orleans Square

  • Tiana’s Palace
    • Gluten/Wheat Allergy Friendly plant-based 7 greens gumbo
    • Gluten/Wheat Allergy Friendly shrimp & grits
    • Gluten/Wheat Allergy Friendly kids chicken drumstick with mandarin orange and applesauce.

The last few times I was at Disneyland, the mobile order gluten/wheat allergy-friendly menu for Tiana’s Palace did not include the kid’s chicken drumstick. It was still on the menu and available to order in person, and the cashier immediately offered us a chef consult.

If you request a chef consult instead of placing a mobile order, you can also request the chef modify the adult chicken plate, replacing the mac & cheese with a gluten-free side item.

Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge

Rows of storm troopers at attention.
Follow up the immersive Rise of the Resistance ride with a meal at Docking Bay 7 Food & Cargo
  • Docking Bay 7 Food & Cargo
    • Gluten/Wheat Allergy Friendly Surabat Valley Greens with Roasted Tip Yip (marinated chicken, mixed greens, quinoa-veggie mix, mini peppers, olives, cotija cheese, dressing). While you might be disappointed that there’s only one gluten-free item on the menu, this is a truly delicious chicken salad.


  • Alien Pizza Planet
    • Gluten/Wheat Allergy Friendly pepperoni pizza
    • Gluten/Wheat Allergy Friendly cheese pizza
    • Gluten/Wheat Allergy Friendly satellite salad
  • Galactic Grill
    • Gluten/Wheat Allergy Friendly cheeseburger on a gluten-free bun with yogurt, and fruit or fries
    • Gluten/Wheat Allergy Friendly chopped salad with grilled chicken
    • Gluten/Wheat Allergy Friendly kids’ POWER pack: mandarin orange, yogurt smoothie, and carrots
    • Gluten/Wheat Allergy Friendly kids’ hamburger
    • Gluten/Wheat Allergy Friendly side of french fries
    • Outshine strawberry fruit bar.
    • Breakfast Options: are seasonal fresh fruit and kids’ POWER pack. I recommend you skip the mobile order for breakfast, ask a chef consult, and enjoy the breakfast bagel made on a gluten-free bun.

Quick Service Recommendations without Mobile Order

Allergy mobile orders are not available everywhere. The following are still well worth a visit. Place your order with a chef or Special Diets Cast Member and check the label on prepackaged items.

  • Rancho del Zocalo: Gluten/Wheat Allergy Friendly taco trio (chicken, beef, and cauliflower) with Mexican rice and refried beans, grilled half-chicken, and kids’ chicken taco. Mobile order was briefly available here, but has since been taken away. You’ll have to queue up to eat here and allow just a bit of extra time for a chef consult, but I consider Rancho del Zocalo worthwhile. Until Cafe Daisy started serving the flop-over pizzas, this was my go-to quick service on the Disneyland side.
  • Tropical Hideaway: While you can mobile order pineapple Dole Whip from the Tiki Juice Bar, just around the corner, the Tropical Hideaway offers a changing selection of flavors and Dole Whip swirls. Over the years, I’ve seen mango, strawberry, lemon, lime, cherry, raspberry, and, of course, pineapple. During Halloween time and Christmas, seasonal Dole Whips with holiday embellishments are sold here and are sometimes gluten-free as-is.
  • Troubadour Tavern: Speak directly to a chef. Troubadour Tavern has mobile order, but does not currently include the allergy menus. I have not personally eaten here, as I am not a baked potato fan, but the gluten-free community raves about the loaded baked potato.
  • Gibson Girl: As mentioned earlier, order hand-scooped ice cream in person with a Special Diets Cast Member to avoid cross-contact. It’s a great place to get a gluten-free treat! My daughter gets ice cream with sprinkles nearly every visit, and I can’t resist the candy cane ice cream sold at Christmas.
  • Mint Julep Bar: Mobile order is available, but there is no allergy menu and gluten abounds in the beignets served here. If cross-contact is a concern, order a mint julep in person. The mint julep flavors can change seasonally, so always confirm with a special diets cast member that the current version is gluten-free.
  • Candy Palace: Check the shelves for prepackaged bags of gluten-free “Snacks with Character” chocolate chip cookies or lemon burst cookies (my husband’s favorite). These are Wow brand cookies, co-branded with Disney, and labeled gluten-free. Avoid items under the glass, which are at high risk of cross-contamination.
  • Kat Saka’s Kettle: The popcorn available here in Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge changes, but has been gluten-free every time I have checked. Always verify ingredients, as flavors change.
  • Carts: Popcorn, Mickey ice cream bars (not ice cream sandwiches), chocolate-covered bananas, and strawberry bars are gluten-free and found at carts located all over Disneyland. Cast members will happily let you verify the ingredients on the packaging before you purchase.


For celiacs and other guests who have to avoid cross-contact, I do not recommend the following:

  • Bengal Barbecue: due to gluten in the sauce and cross-contact on the grill.
  • Blue and green milk: both contain non-gluten-free oats.
  • Macaroons: high risk for cross-contact.
  • Rice Krispie Mickey’s: these contain barley and are not gluten-free. For a gluten-free Rice Krispie treat, pick up an individually packaged, gluten-free Marshmallow Dream Bar at Market House, which is run by Starbucks and located on Main Street.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Hungry Bear Restaurant in Critter Country and Galactic Grill in Tomorrowland serve gluten-free cheeseburgers and kids’ hamburgers on gluten-free buns. Both places offer fries from a dedicated gluten-free fryer. Hungry Bear Restaurant also offers gluten-free Impossible cheeseburgers. At Red Rose Tavern in Fantasyland, you can enjoy a gluten-free cheeseburger and tater tots.

Alien Pizza Planet in Tomorrowland has gluten-free pepperoni pizza and cheese pizza. However, for the best pizza in Disneyland, head to Cafe Daisy in Toontown and order a gluten-free pepperoni or cheese flop-over pizza! The gluten-free flop-over is delicious and even puffier than the gluten-full version.

Docking Bay 7 in Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge has a delicious and filling gluten/wheat allergy-friendly salad called the Surabaya Valley Greens with Roasted Tip-Yip (chicken salad with greens, veggies, quinoa, olives, cotija cheese and cilantro dressing). You’ll find a garden salad at Red Rose Tavern in Fantasyland, a BBQ chicken salad at Hungry Bear Restaurant in Critter Country, and a chopped salad with chicken at Galactic Grill in Tomorrowland.

Red Rose Tavern has the most traditional gluten-free breakfast with scrambled eggs, a mandarin orange, and bacon or sausage.

Galactic Grill took its delicious, gluten-free breakfast sandwich off of the menu. Ask for a chef consult and request the bagel breakfast sandwich, just substitute a gluten-free bun. The mobile order options are simply fresh fruit or a kids’ POWER pack with a mandarin orange, yogurt smoothie, and carrots.

Jolly Holiday offers a blueberry muffin, chocolate chip cookie, and the Jolly Holliday Combo (toasted cheese sandwich and tomato basil soup) for a less traditional breakfast.

Note, Mickey waffles are not available at a quick service restaurant. You’ll need a reservation at Carnation Cafe or the Minnie & Friends Character Breakfast at the Plaza Inn to start your day with gluten-free Mickey waffles.

Popular items with the gluten-free crowd are flop-over pizzas at Cafe Daisy, the taco trio at Rancho del Zocalo, loaded baked potatoes at Troubadour Tavern, grilled cheese and tomato basil soup at Jolly Holiday, Mickey ice cream bars at carts throughout the park, and several varieties of Dole Whip from the Hideaway Cafe. My top recommendation is the flop-over pizza!

No. Sadly, these items are not available at the Disneyland Resort in California. They are available in Walt Disney World in Florida, where Disney has more space for larger facilities and kitchens. Please email Special Diets at [email protected] to make your wishes known. Disney tracks these requests, and perhaps they will add something in the future if they can document guest demand.

If gluten-free churros are a must-have, I recommend visiting Twice Baked Baking Company in Long Beach (about 20 minutes away from Disneyland), where they sell gluten-free churros on Saturday mornings only. Preorder recommended.

Side note, gluten-free mac & cheese can usually be requested from the chef if you are dining at the Princess Breakfast Adventure, a premium character dining experience at Napa Rose in the Grand Californian Hotel.

Yes! Request a chef consult or choose plant-based options off the gluten-wheat allergy friendly menu when you mobile order. A few options include:

  • Gluten/Wheat Allergy Friendly plant-based 7 greens gumbo at Tiana’s Palace
  • Gluten/Wheat Allergy Friendly plant-based salade du jardin (lunch/dinner) or little town harvest bowl (breakfast) at Red Rose Tavern
  • Gluten/Wheat Allergy Friendly plant-based Impossible cheeseburger at the Hungry Bear Restaurant

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