gluten-free California Adventure: osso buck on mashed potatoes, gravy and vegetables

Gluten-Free Disney California Adventure at the Disneyland Resort: The Wine Country Trattoria

Update: This post was written after a visit during the early days of my daughter’s celiac diagnosis and before my own diagnosis. In the many Disneyland and Disney California Adventure trips my family has made in the years since this post, I have learned so much more about the wonderful gluten-free food available at the Disneyland Resort.

Check out my Top Tips for a Gluten-Free Disney Vacation for Disneyland (California and Disney World (Florida).

For my current favorite Disneyland restaurants, now with many years of gluten-free Disney experience, read my article on the Best Gluten-Free Dining at Disneyland. Good news! Wine Country Trattoria is still on the list.

Earlier this week, I was spoiled with a date night at Disney’s Annual Passholder Event. Before we headed over to Disneyland for an evening of all the rides I love (for once, not my kids’ favorites) with almost no lines, we stopped by the Wine Country Trattoria to try out dining gluten-free in California Adventure. We enjoyed an early dinner with a parade view.

I was on my last few days of a doctor-prescribed, gluten binge (which immediately preceded my celiac diagnosis and strict gluten-free diet). My husband eats gluten-free due to an intolerance, so this visit was the perfect chance to scout out the gluten-free menu, and I mean a literal menu.

The Trattoria has a separate “Allergy Friendly Menu”, which lets guests know which items from the regular menu are free from specific allergens (some require modifications, such as gluten-free pasta).

Make sure to read the correct column for your dietary need. We found ourselves accidentally looking outside the gluten-free column several times. Oops! While, in our experience, Disney chefs are well-trained and careful about cross-contamination, careful enough that I trust them to feed Miss E, they do have a disclaimer on the bottom of the menu.

Allergy Friendly Menu (front)

There was one notable difference between eating gluten-free in Disney’s California Adventure with a gluten-intolerant diner (hubby) versus a celiac, gluten-free diner (Miss E). With no celiac disease, the chef was “missing” from our experience. We simply asked for the gluten-free menu and the server took care of everything.

In our previous gluten-free Disney dining experiences with Miss E, a chef comes to the table when we mention celiac disease to the server. As a mama bear, I appreciate that Disney takes serious dietary needs seriously. I highly recommend mentioning to the server if you are requesting a gluten-free menu due to a medical condition like celiac disease or a wheat allergy.


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    gluten-free bread service at California Adventure

    We are huge fans of oil, vinegar, and house bread when eating at Italian restaurants, so the Trattoria was off to a great start when the server surprised my husband with gluten-free rolls before our entrees were served.

    Hubby ordered osso buco with polenta and seasonal vegetables off the gluten-free menu, which was delicious. Fortunately, he’s a great “sharer”. I especially enjoyed the polenta.

    The price was impressive, I have not seen osso buco priced this low anywhere. At $19.99, it was almost the same price as my gluten-full penne bolognese. Special menu, taste, service, price, bread…. all gluten-free! the Trattoria had it all… even a gluten-free, warm, fudge brownie on the menu, for which we sadly did not save room. I guess we have an excuse to go back with Miss E to enjoy gluten-free at the Wine Country Trattoria in California Adventure.

    You can read about more of our gluten-free Disney dining experiences in my previous post: Gluten-Free Disney Pixie Dust. Tell me about yours! With my new (as of today) celiac diagnosis, I am on the hunt for more amazing, gluten-free Disney California Adventure dining treasures for Miss E and me.

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