room service on.a tray with 3 plates in a Mickey Mouse head shape.... large center plate has celery, grapes & a variety of cheeses, left ear has sliced fruit, right ear has gluten-free crackers

18 Gluten-Free Favorites for Your Upcoming Disney Cruise

Everything on this list can be made gluten-free on your Disney cruise. In fact, almost everything on the ship, from breakfast to midnight snacks, can be made gluten-free. You will be over the moon with all the wonderful gluten-free food!

Before we get to these delicious gluten-free favorites, let me give you a piece of sage advice for your cruise:

Eat what you want… but take the stairs.

1. Cake

Chocolate walnut cake, spice cake, citrus cake, cheesecake & more!

gluten free citrus cake with an orange slice, raspberry and a green circle of "white chocolate on top, presented like a work of art with cake in two rectangle shapes and "painted" sauce in white and red/pink under the cake

2. Fried Brie

Breaded and deep-fried brie makes a fabulous appetizer.

3. Mickey Waffles

Gluten-free Mickey Waffles are available at the breakfast sit-down restaurant or breakfast buffet (upon request).

two gluten-free Mickey waffles

Want Mickey Waffles after your Disney cruise? Get a Mickey Mouse Waffle Maker and enjoy them at home whenever you desire!

4. Mickey Churro Waffles!

What’s better than Mickey waffles? Mickey churro waffles, of course. Mickey waffles covered with cinnamon and sugar are available on select mornings during your cruise.

Talk to your rotational dining server on your first night on the ship to find out when they’ll be offered, and make a special request for your gluten-free Mickey churro waffles.

5. Endless Soft-Serve Ice Cream

The pool deck features a soft-serve ice cream machine. You can satisfy your sweet tooth to your heart’s content. Gluten-free cones are usually on-hand, just request them from the cast member, who will wash their hands before handling the them.

Or make an ice cream float with soda from the nearby soda fountain.

soft service ice cream in a gluten-free ice cream cone, ocean and sand & balcony railing in the background

6. Unlimited Mickey Bars

Mickey-shaped, chocolate-coated, ice cream bars are gluten-free and delicious. There seems to be no shortage of Mickey bars on a Disney cruise. Ask your server for a Mickey bar for dessert. Or order Mickey Bars from in-room dining whenever you want.

7. Chicken Tenders

Chicken tenders aren’t off-limits for cruisers with celiac disease or gluten intolerance. Order gluten-free chicken tenders with fries or on top of a salad.

gluten-free chicken strips on a salad

8. Pizza

Gluten-free pizza from pepperoni to Hawaiian is available from a quick-service restaurant on the pool deck of every Disney ship. Note, the quick-service isn’t exactly quick when you want safe, gluten-free pizza, so allow 15-20 minutes.

You can also usually get gluten-free pizza from room service if you order during the day or early enough in the evening for the chef to accommodate the special request.

gluten-free pepperoni pizza, bowl of sliced fruit, gluten-free cheeseburger & fries

9. Burger & Fries

A cheeseburger on a gluten-free bun and fries from a dedicated fryer. It’s the little things! You can order burgers pretty much anywhere on the ship, from pool deck quick-service to sit-down restaurants.

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    10. Crème Brûlée

    If you have a crème brûlée weakness (I do), you can request this rich dessert every night.

    gluten-free creme brûlée with a strawberry slice on top

    11. Donuts

    Disney cruise ships serve Kinnikinnick gluten-free donuts, just like in Disney Parks. Sometimes cast members will surprise you with an entire box!

    12. Ice Cream Sundaes

    Enjoy a different sundae every night: cherry chocolate, rum raisin, mint chip, coconut ice cream, strawberry shortcake sundae…. or order sorbet!

    13. Popcorn

    Popcorn is the only gluten-free treat on this list that is not already included in the price of your cruise. It’s available for purchase outside the ship’s theater.

    14. Coconut Creme Flan

    Tired of crème brûlée? Try coconut creme flan!

    gluten free coconut flan with fresh fruit

    15. Smoothies

    Preorder breakfast with your dinner server and ask for a refreshing berry smoothie with your breakfast.

    a berry smooth with a few mint leaves, held in a hand, with the ocean and cruise ship balcony in the background

    16. Pasta

    Even if it’s not marked gluten-free on the menu, most pasta dishes on Disney ships can be made gluten-free. Just ask!

    17. Soup

    Enjoy a different soup every day. There are so many soup choices throughout the cruise, from savory to sweet: lobster bisque, mango soup, potato leek soup, french onion soup, strawberry soup, and more.

    2 gluten-free soup bowls on plate (left is tomato soup, right is bisque)

    18. Room Service Cheese Platter

    Order a gluten-free version of the “All Hands on Deck” cheese platter from in-room dining. This platter, with a variety of cheeses, fruit, and gluten-free crackers, is the perfect sail-away treat enjoyed in your cabin or on your balcony.

    Before your Disney Cruise vacation, read the Insider’s Guide to a Fantastic Gluten-Free Disney Cruise for everything you need to know before you sail with gluten intolerance or celiac disease. You are in for a real treat!

    Bon Voyage!

    Heather wi a floppy navy hat & Miss E, smiling with the Disney Dream cruise ship in the background
    Gluten-free Miss E & Me

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