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101 Non-Candy Easter Egg Fillers Kids Will Love

Are you hoping to delight children at your annual Easter egg hunt without the sugar overload? This list of non-candy easter egg stuffers is full of great ideas that will make your little ones as happy as they’d be with an egg full of jelly beans.

These candy alternatives are also a great way to accommodate lots of kids at a school or neighborhood egg hunt, including those with food allergies or dietary restrictions. As the mom of a child with celiac disease, I have planned many gluten-free egg hunts. But when planning a hunt involving kids with various allergies, non-candy Easter egg ideas are the perfect solution.

Everyone is included. Everyone is happy. Sugar-free, gluten-free, and allergy moms unite.

Of course, the non-candy items have to be stellar to compete with sugary treats!

There is something on this round-up of non-candy easter egg stuffers to satisfy every child: pretend play experts, imaginative artists, budding scientists, fashionistas, and even older kids and teens.

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Please note, not every non-candy option on the list is suitable for toddlers. If you have children ages 0-3 participating in your egg hunt, please check the manufacturers’ guidelines and choose safe items that are not choking hazards.


Money (Dollar Bills)

Money ($1 Coin)

Robux ($ for Roblox)


Hair bands with bunny ears tied on top in various patterns.

Easter Bunny Hair Tie

Ouchless Hair Ties

Daisy Hair Clips

Colorful Barrettes (Including Easter Bunnies)


Superhero mini figures

Superhero Mini Action Figures

Fisher-Price Little People – Farm Animal Friends

Fisher-Price Little People – Disney Frozen

Disney Figures

LEGO Minifigures

4 plastic eggs with folded two soldiers inside, one is open and standing next to the eggs.

Soldiers (Deformable)

My Little Pony Minis

Pokémon Battle Figures


4 bottles of Piggy Paint (blue, purple, red, pink) in a sheer purple pouch.

Piggy Paint Non-Toxic Mini Nail Polish

EOS Lip Balm

Kid-Size Press-On Nails

Nail Stickers

Stick-on Earrings

Jelly Bracelets

scattered mustaches in various colors (black, brown, neon pink, blue, purple, green, yellow)

Fake Mustaches

Silly Socks


A hand holding a Thomas the Train small yellow train with more mini trains blurred in the background.

Thomas & Friends Mini Engines

Pull-Back Cars

Pull-Back Trucks

Hot Wheels

Small Toys

Package of jacks with red and green balls

Jacks & Balls Classic Game Set

Finger Puppets

Hacky Sack

Plush Bunnies

Giant Jacks

Water Fun

Plastic eggs with Easter rubber ducks and bunnies

Rubber Duck Toys

Baby Shark Bath Toy Finger Puppets

Diving Gems for the Pool

Water Table Squirt Toys

Backpack Accessories & Keychains

Sequin keychains in various shapes including guitar, dolphin, clover, mermaid, butterfly

Flip-Sequin Keychains

Disney Stitch Pewter Key Ring

Heroes & Characters Keychains

Mini-Pop Keychain for Gamers

Cute Animal, Pom-Pom Keychain

Doll Accessories

Some items in the below doll sets are the perfect size to fit in an Easter egg. Larger items can be added to an Easter basket!

Doll baking set.

Doll Baking Set (American Girl Doll-Size)

Barbie Outfits

Doll Backpack & School Supplies (Barbie-Size)

Doll Picnic Lunch Set (American Girl Doll-Size)

Doll Tea Set


mini puzzle erasers (microphone, burger, lion, popsicle, cake, bowl of food) in front of a large box with more erasers

Mini Erasers: Food, Animals, Transportation, Instruments & More

Pencil-Topper Erasers

Bunny Erasers

Carrot Erasers


4 mini squishmallows in front of a box of 12

Squishville – Mini Squishmallows

Mochi Squishy Toys

Silly Putty Colorful Eggs (Variety Pack)

Mini Squeeze Toys (w/ tiny water beads)

Crayola “Globbles” Squish-Fidget

Easter Egg Stress Balls

Popping Fidgets

Mini brightly colored pop-it toys in Easter shapes, including chicks, eggs, carrots, and bunnies.

Easter Pop-It Keychain

Pop-It Pets

Popping Fidget Bracelet

Popping-Spinning Flower

For Artists

Carton of 6 colorful egg-shaped chalk pieces.

Easter Egg Sidewalk Chalk

Gluten-Free Whoa Dough

3 all-natural gluten-free play doh balls in pale yellow, pale green & pink

Or Make Your Own Natural, Gluten-Free Playdoh

Shrinky Dinks – Cool Stuff

Shrinky Dinks – Backpack Set

Shrinky Dinks – Jewelry Kit

Stacks of colorful washi tape outside a box labeled washi tape

Washi Tape

Diamond Art Stickers

Bunny Figurines (for an Easter Fairy Garden)

Homemade Gifts

2 crochet bunny (1 pink & 1 tan) finger puppets on a child's fingers

Crochet Bunny Finger Puppets

Homemade Coupons (Super Cute!)

Water Bead Stress Ball

For Scientists

Hatching Dinosaur Egg

Water-Growing Sea Creatures

Dinosaur Building Block Sets

Insect Building Block Sets

Natural Mineral & Rock-Filled Eggs

Mini Magnet People

Light It Up

Colorful plastic dinosaurs

Glow-in-the-Dark Dinosaurs

Glow-in-the-Dark Star Wall Stickers

Easter Light-Up Rings

Flashing Jelly Light-Up Rings


6 small metal puzzles.

Brain Teaser – Metal Puzzles

Easter Egg Mini Jigsaw Puzzles

Brain Teaser – Plastic Puzzles

Mini Snake Puzzle Fidget

Puzzle (Divide the Puzzle Pieces Between the Eggs)

Party Fun

Egg shaped rattles in different colors, the one in front is painted like a ladybug.

Egg-Shaped Maracas

Confetti Eggs (Cascarones)

Mini Bubble Bottles

Easter Egg-Shaped Bubbles

Sticky Hands

Easter Temporary Tattoos

Easter Bunny Stickers

Personalized Easter Stickers

Punching Balloons

For Teens/Tweens

Did I mention money? It’s worth saying again for this age group!

Magnetic pen that breaks into magnetic pieces, a box of magnetic balls and pen/ink inserts, and a card with sample shapes you can make the pen

Magnetic Fidget Pen

Gift Cards

Wireless Earbuds

Pink elf brand makeup: mulitstick, lipgloss, and lash n roll.

e.l.f. Multi-Stick Color for Eyes, Lips & Cheeks

e.l.f. Liquid Metallic Eye Shadow

Which Plastic Easter Eggs are Best?

Bright pink plastic Easter egg.

Most of these fun easter egg fillers are small items that fit in standard plastic eggs, but a few will need larger eggs like these jumbo Easter eggs. Some of the non-candy items, like Easter Egg Sidewalk Chalk and Confetti Eggs are already egg-shaped and can be hidden as-is.

A nighttime egg hunt with these Glow-in-the-Dark Plastic Easter Eggs is a huge hit with older children and teens.

“Golden” Easter Eggs are another fun twist. Use the golden eggs to hold something special, like money.

And Resurrection Eggs help you tell the Easter story.

Whichever eggs you choose, this list of non-candy fillers for your Easter egg hunt gives you plenty of ideas that will delight toddlers, little kids, big kids, and the pickiest of teens.

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