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Gluten-Free Easter Candy List from a Celiac Mom (2024)

As a new parent, you celebrate all of the firsts… first word, first step, first time sleeping through the night. Especially sleeping through the night.

After a celiac diagnosis, all of the firsts are challenging. The first Thanksgiving, Christmas, Halloween, Valentine’s Day, and Easter. So much food. So much candy.

After a year full of “firsts”, it gets easier. And each year after, even easier. Until you can practically plan a gluten-free Easter egg hunt in your sleep. Almost.

This year, I’ve got you covered. Everything on this list is gluten-free. It’s your go-to list for gluten-free egg hunts and Easter baskets.

Candy List

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    For the latest and most accurate information, double-check the product packaging before purchasing. Verify that each product is still labeled gluten-free. Except for See’s Candies, every brand on this list is labeled gluten-free right on the package. Review See’s current gluten statement on the website.

    You should be able to easily find most of the items on this list of gluten-free Easter treats in your favorite grocery store, big box store, and online. (except for the chocolate bunnies and other See’s products)

    There are two exceptions. See’s Candies products, which you will need to purchase from a See’s Candies retail shop or order online. And Jake the Milkless Easter Bunny which is available on Amazon.

    See’s Candies Chocolate Easter Bunnies

    Chocolate bunnies can be a gluten minefield. The chocolate bunnies of my childhood, Lindt, contain barley malt. The Hershey Company, which often labels products gluten-free, does not do so with its Easter bunnies. Many other brands have “may contain wheat statements”, also make wheat-containing bunnies like cookies & cream, or simply don’t say either way and have questionable ingredients.

    See’s Candies is the solution to the chocolate Easter bunny dilemma!

    See’s chocolate bunnies come in all sizes and flavors. Tall semi-hollow, medium hollow, little hollow, and mini solid bunnies. Chocolate options include dark, milk, and white chocolate.

    Whichever size or style suits you, See’s bunnies are made with quality chocolate. The stores tend to sell out of seasonal items, so purchase early at, in your local See’s Candies store or on Amazon.

    Per See’s Candies’ Allergy Statement, the See’s items throughout this listare made in See’s Candies’ facilities, where no gluten is used. Before purchasing, read the current allergy statement to verify these Easter treats are still safe for a gluten-free diet.

    See’s Candies Easter Bunnies, Eggs & Jelly Beans

    Bags of See's easter candies: sour bunnies, chocolate eggs, jelly eggs, and jelly beans

    See’s Candies has a fun selection of Easter-themed candy that is the perfect size for stuffing Easter eggs. These rich and creamy chocolate eggs are delicious and the sour bunnies will disappear are the perfect sweet and sour treat.

    Jake the Milkless Easter Bunny by No Whey!

    No Whey! Jake the Milkless Easter Bunny in a box
    Jake the Milkless Easter Bunny

    Another Easter bunny option! Jake the Milkless Easter Bunny is a solid milk chocolate Easter bunny, free from gluten, wheat, dairy, peanuts, tree nuts, eggs, and soy.

    Buy early! Like See’s Candies chocolate bunnies, Jake tends to sell out before Easter.

    Jelly Belly Jelly Beans

    Red & whit package of Jelly Belly Jelly Beans.

    These are the best Jelly Beans! Each of the flavors of Jelly Belly Beans tastes like real food, from root beer to green apple. Look for seasonal varieties or purchase any flavor assortment you like.

    Yum Earth Bunny Gummy Fruits

    Yum Earth is dedicated to making allergen-free treats for our kids to be included in celebrations. These cute bunny-shaped fruit gummies are gluten-free, top-9-allergen-free, and great for stuffing Easter eggs.

    Yum Earth also makes gluten-free jelly beans!

    Get $10 off your first order from Yum Earth.

    Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups: Easter Miniatures

    a package of Reese's peanut butter cups - Easter miniatures

    The ever-popular Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups are gluten-free.

    Seasonal shapes, such as Reese’s Eggs, are usually not labeled gluten-free, due to potential cross contact.

    For an Easter-themed Reese’s, try Reese’s Miniatures, wrapped in Easter-themed foil wrappers, or Mallow-Topped Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups. They both have the Hershey’s Company “gluten free” icon printed on the package.

    Reese’s Pieces Carrot

    a carrot-shaped package of Reese's pieces, set up as if it is being eaten by a wooden cutting-board bunny

    Reese’s Pieces in regular packaging are gluten-free, but why would you buy those when you get this cute carrot-shaped bundle of Reese’s Pieces, which is also labeled gluten-free.

    Sweet Surprise Chicks

    Sold in a six-pack, these adorable milk chocolate eggs with white chocolate chicks are individually wrapped and delicious. They are perfect for Easter egg hunts or to add to your child’s Easter basket.

    They can be purchased at See’s Candies shops,, or Amazon.

    Easter Rolos

    a package of Easter Rolls in pastel foils

    These caramel-filled chocolates are gluten-free and sold wrapped in pastel foils for Easter. They are just the right size for egg hunts.

    Easter Hershey’s Kisses (some varieties)

    a package of Easter Hershey's Kisses in pastel foils

    Most, but not all, Hershey’s Kisses are gluten-free. Milk chocolate and hugs are gluten-free, including those the above Kisses in Pastel Foils for Easter. Always check the package and look for Hershey’s gluten-free icon.


    These marshmallow treats are an Easter favorite. Basic Bunny Peeps and Chick Peeps are labeled gluten-free, along with a host of creative flavors: Dr. Pepper, Icee Blue Raspberry, Cotton Candy, Chocolate Dipped Peeps Delights S’mores, Strawberry, and more.

    Always check the label. I have seen giant bunnies and peeps on a stick with a “may contain wheat” warning.

    Smart Sweets

    trades how display of "Smart Sweets" with display of candy and text "Kick Sugar Keep Candy" and "Smart Sweets"

    While Smart Sweets does not currently offer a specifically Easter-themed candy, its treats are the perfect size to fit in an Easter egg. These sweet treats are gluten-free, of course, and made with no added sugar.

    Blow Pops: Sweet & Sour Swirls

    These Sweet & Sour Swirls are a colorful twist on the much-loved Blow Pop for Easter! To fill Easter eggs, buy the Blow Pop Minis, like Blow Pops but without the stick.

    All varieties have a gluten-free, peanut-free seal on the package.

    Annie’s Fruit Bunnies

    Red box of Annie's Strawberry Summer bunny fruit snacks.

    Calling Annie’s Fruit Bunnies candy may be a bit of a stretch, but your little one will love them the same. These Bunny-shaped, fruit-flavored snacks are gluten-free and vegan.

    Tootsie Roll Eggs

    Tootsie Roll Eggs are egg-shaped tootsie rolls, coated with a colorful candy shell. If you can’t find this Easter-themed Tootsie Roll candy, look for regular Tootsie Rolls, Tootsie Pops, or Egg-Shaped Tootsie Pops, which are also labeled gluten-free.

    Easter York Peppermint Pattie Eggs

    a package of York Peppermint Patties-Eggs

    Many brands that are traditionally labeled gluten-free, do not include a voluntary gluten-free claim on their seasonal shapes gluten-free, as they may be made on shared lines with gluten-containing products.

    But Peppermint Patties come in gluten-free seasonal varieties! Heart shapes for Valentine’s Day and Egg shapes for Easter are labeled gluten-free.

    Easter PEZ Dispensers

    a package of a PEZ bunny dispenser & candy, in front of a wooden bunny cutting board

    How much fun are PEZ?! Those tiny little gluten-free candies with an Easter-themed dispenser are great for filling Easter baskets.

    Fluffy Stuff Cotton Tails

    a package of Fluffy Stuff Cotton Tails Cotton Candy

    Cotton Candy is generally gluten-free, but Fluffy Stuff Cotton Candy has a gluten-free, peanut-free icon right on the package.

    Junior Mints Eggs

    a package of Junior Mints Eggs

    Junior Mints Eggs are egg-shaped Junior Mints with a colorful candy coating. The regular Junior Mints are also gluten-free!

    Easter DOTS

    a package of Easter DOTS candies

    Slightly different than the traditional (also gluten-free) Dots, Easter Dots are opaque with vibrant Easter colors.

    Mike & Ike

    a package of Mike & Ike candy

    Mike & Ike candies are not specifically designed for Easter, but their colorful design and small size make them excellent Easter egg stuffers. If your kids prefer fiery candy, Hot Tamales are also labeled gluten-free! Milk Duds are another gluten-free movie candy just the right size to fill an Easter egg.

    Dubble Bubble Eggs

    Like regular Dubble Bubble, egg-shaped Dubble Bubble gum is labeled gluten-free. It will delight bubble-blowers of all ages.

    Skittles & Starburst: Fun Size for Egg Hunts

    The fun sizes and pre-filled Skittles Easter Egg pictured above are labeled gluten-free and ideal for egg hunts.

    Mars/Wrigley, which does not label any of its chocolates gluten-free, recently added a gluten-free label to Skittles and Starburst. (Hopefully, chocolate will soon follow.)

    Dum-Dums Bunny Pops

    Bag of Dum-Dums Bunny Pops

    Regular Dum-Dums are gluten-free and free of major allergens, making them a go-to lollipop for school events. The Bunny Pops add a little Easter flair to this popular and affordable lollipop.

    6 Gluten-Free Easter Candy Tips

    1. Visit the candy aisle early in the Easter season to read package labels for the most up-to-date information.

    2. Be familiar with major brands’ gluten-free labeling to quickly find information.

    3. Carefully check the label on seasonal items. Seasonal varieties of normally gluten-free products are often not labeled gluten-free. They may be produced on shared lines with products containing gluten ingredients, and manufacturers are unwilling to make a gluten-free claim due to potential cross-contact.

    4. Check manufacturer websites or contact the manufacturer directly, if you still have questions about a specific product.

    5. Buy chocolate Easter bunnies early before they sell out.

    6. Make a plan with your child regarding unsafe candy from community egg hunts and parties. Trade with friends, fill Easter eggs with unsafe candy and regift to neighbors & friends, or swap out unsafe candy for money, a toy or favorite gluten-free candy.

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